We offer the perfect preparatory experience for your independent college life ahead.

We help eliminate family stress during the college application process.

Get in by standing out with one-on-one guidance from a college admissions expert.

We help students keep organized, stay motivated, and hit deadlines throughout the college application process.

From application to admission, we're there every step of the way.

We assist students so that they are the ones in charge of their applications and essays.

✓ More Than 16 Years in the Business

✓ Over 18 Years of Experience in College Admissions Consulting

Is a Private College Counselor Worth the Money?

College is costly, and some people are hesitant to hire a private college counselor because of the cost. Yet, consider the potential costs you and your child will incur if they make the wrong college choice.

Therefore, the importance of choosing the right college the first time cannot be overstated.

Our college admissions counseling services include customizing a strategic plan of action, which will help your child get into the best college of their choice and meet their academic and personal needs. We work hard to help high school students search with the right group of college schools—safety, suitable matches, and reaches—based on their academic profiles, financial constraints, and other factors. Former students have had an excellent track record of getting into many schools and are usually their first choice.

Private College Counselor

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“CollegeStrategy and Vicki Ross are really invested throughout the process. It is very easy to tell that the organization cares and spends a lot of time in every aspect of the process. With a combination of dedication and carefulness, Vicki Ross makes the application process a lot more straightforward.”

Wendy Sang Parent Testimonial

“Vicki’s advice and guidance made the stressful and confusing college application process a much more simple and enjoyable experience. Overall, I cannot recommend Vicki and College Strategy enough! Her experience and insight is so useful in the often overwhelming college application process, and her incredible passion and commitment to make each child reach their dream schools is what truly makes her stand out from the rest.”

Shravya G. Student Testimonial

“Vicki Ross was our secret weapon in getting both of our kids’ college applications done perfectly and on time! It’s hard for busy kids to stay on top of all the deadlines, and even harder for parents to know all the best schools for each child; Vicki’s expertise in these areas is a huge benefit for kids and their families.”

Anonymous Parent Testimonial

“Vicki Ross at College Strategy is the most wonderful resource our family has utilized in a long time! Vicki was extremely helpful in answering any questions we had about the process, and assisted us every step of the way. We are so thankful to have found her–she is so professional, knowledgeable and personable. I am really happy that our daughter will be able to benefit from her counsel next year, when it’s her turn to apply to college. Thank you Vicki!!”

Anonymous Parent Testimonial