To how many colleges..

… should I submit applications? Well, that depends! It is always best to have a nice spread within your list of schools: Safe schools—ones where you’re pretty darn sure of acceptance; a few good match schools—ones where your stats fall within the averages; and a reach or two—schools that might seem a bit lofty but ones you would likely attend if granted admission. That said, most students will end up with around 8 schools. However, there are instances when a larger list makes more sense. If you are a student who has excelled in high school—the most rigorous courses, top of the class and very high scores—you might be a great candidate for the most competitive schools in the country. There is no magic GPA or score that will assure acceptance into any of these schools so, students like these might be wise to cast the net a little wider—apply to more of these top tier schools to give yourself a better shot at admission into one of them. There are other reasons to add more schools for certain students—creative programs like film, music, theater, to name a few, can be highly selective. Remember that it is never a good idea to apply to too many schools just to see where you get in.


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