Wonderful Resource

Vicki Ross at College Strategy is the most wonderful resource our family has utilized in a long time!  We began working with her last summer, when it was time for our son to begin the college application process.  Vicki helped us to create a list of colleges that would be good matches for what he was looking for, and helped guide the entire application process, keeping us on track with all the deadlines (he applied to 9 schools).  This in itself was a godsend.  She also worked with him to refine his essays, which carried over from summer into the Fall semester.  With all the things a high school Senior has going on, it was really great to get regular guidance on everything he needed to do.  He made all of his deadlines (even the ones listed in small print on the college websites :) , and then had plenty of time to look into scholarship and Honors applications. Vicki was extremely helpful in answering any questions we had about the process, and assisted us every step of the way.  We are so thankful to have found her–she is so professional, knowledgeable and personable.  I am really happy that our daughter will be able to benefit from her counsel next year, when it’s her turn to apply to college.  Thank you Vicki!!

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