So Much Less Stressful…Shravya G.

“Vicki’s advice and guidance made the stressful and confusing college application process a much more simple and enjoyable experience. From the very start, when she helped us cut down our list of which colleges to apply to, to the essay writing process, where she helped me perfect every line, to simply filling out the many applications for the different colleges I applied to, Vicki constantly motivated me to put my best work forward, and she helped simplify what seemed to originally be an impossible task. Throughout the process, Vicki was very encouraging and kind, and she knew exactly how much to push each student. Without her guidance, I can be sure that I would have never finished all of my college applications so efficiently and effectively.

Overall, I cannot recommend Vicki and College Strategy enough! Her experience and insight is so useful in the often overwhelming college application process, and her incredible passion and commitment to make each child reach their dream schools is what truly makes her stand out from the rest. “

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