Our Secret Weapon

Vicki Ross was our secret weapon in getting both of our kids’ college applications done perfectly and on time!  It’s hard for busy kids to stay on top of all the deadlines, and even harder for parents to know all the best schools for each child; Vicki’s expertise in these areas is a huge benefit for kids and their families.

Our son applied to a long list of highly-competitive schools, and was fortunate to have had many excellent choices after Vicki’s assistance. She really helped us stay on top of all the details, and helped him get his applications in early. He has just finished his second year at UT Austin, and is double-majoring in Biochemistry and Business.

Our daughter was more interested in creative programs, which required all of the normal application materials, but also included a lengthy audition process, which Vicki expertly guided us through. She also ended up with excellent choices, and will be attending the University of North Texas (a school we only learned of through Vicki) in the Fall, and will be studying Theater and Business.

Whatever your child’s strengths and interests, Vicki will be able to help them find a broad selection of schools that will work best for them and the family. She is also available to help with scholarship and honors program essays, as well as advise on auditions or portfolios for performing and visual arts programs. Vicki is not only knowledgeable about most college programs, but she is organized, professional, and a real pleasure to work with. We highly recommend her as your child’s best asset to organizing and streamlining the complicated college applications process.

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