research schools & scholarship opportunities:

  • Review Transcript and Test Scores
  • Discuss and review colleges that suit you
  • Complete “Student Preferences” worksheet
  • Review customized “Big List” of colleges complete with a comparison of important statistics for each school
  • Narrow school choices
  • Review tips for college visits and college interviews
  • Research academic scholarships from your selected colleges

Application Process

  • Assist in creating a professional student resume
  • Determine deadlines and create timelines
  • Obtain any necessary paperwork
  • Assist in filing online applications
  • Assist in completing teacher recommendation requests
  • Organize materials needing to be mailed or sent electronically

Essay Package

  • Review applications and essay questions
  • Review any brainstorming or drafts
  • Discuss what colleges are looking for in an essay
  • Review essay handouts
  • Assess student’s strengths, uniquenesses, personality
  • Begin brainstorming for each essay
  • Read and Comment on drafts of each essay
  • Multiple Edits each essay
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