Our services are available as a complete package or a la carte.

We also consult with students and their families on a fee-by-hour basis.
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School Search

After our initial meeting and a thorough academic evaluation, a personalized and detailed list of potential colleges is prepared.
  • Review Transcript and Test Scores
  • Discuss and review colleges that might suit you
  • Complete Vital Statistics and Resume Forms
  • Review customized “Big List” of colleges complete with a comparison of important statistics for each school
  • Narrow school choices
  • Review tips for college visits and college interviews
  • Research academic scholarships from your selected colleges



Students meet weekly with a college advisor to work on applications and complete all administrative tasks.
  • Assist in creating a professional student resume
  • Determine deadlines and create timelines
  • Obtain any necessary high school paperwork
  • Assist in filing online applications
  • Assist in completing teacher and counselor recommendation requests
  • Organize all materials for electronic submission




Our essay coaching really sets us apart. We support our students as they learn to reveal their own distinctive personalities in the college essays they write.
  • Discuss what colleges are looking for in an essay
  • Review essay handouts
  • Review 2 essay slideshows produced especially for our students—also shared electronically.
  • Assess student’s strengths, uniquenesses and personality
  • Brainstorm essay ideas
  • Review applications for all required essay questions
  • Review all brainstorming and essay drafts
  • Read and comment on essay drafts
  • Multiple rounds of edits on every essay