Get a Soft Start on College Essays

Rising high school seniors out there–If you’re wracking your brains trying to come up with the perfect essay story, give yourself a little break. Remember there are two reasons college applications require that you write essays: first to see how well you write and second to learn something about you that isn’t included in your list of school activities or community service hours. Look for the small stories in your life–they exist! The best essays are about YOU! Remember your stories happen everyday in the most seemingly ordinary ways. Big monumental experiences–ones that most of us don’t have–don’t necessarily make the best essays. It’s the stories of your life–ones that communicate the way you think and feel that allow admissions counselors to get to know you in a way that just the information on your application can’t provide.

Begin by looking at all of your prompts and writing down a few ideas for each. Start drafting an idea–maybe you have thought of something but haven’t fully formed the body of your essay. Fantastic–this is a great way to begin!

Enjoy your summer but why not start thinking about essays even before the prompts are available. Get a soft start!


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