College Commitment Day is May 1st

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Making the decision:


The waiting was tough but deciding, mind-boggling!  Your objective was always to have as many college options as possible and now that you do, decision time is here.


What to consider:


Much has happened to you this year. Back when you were putting together your list of schools, things were different—you were different. Perhaps you had this image of your perfect college, one that you had always dreamed of attending. Maybe you’ve had the opportunity to visit different campuses and perhaps now, your “ideal” has changed.


Making the right decision:


Take time in making your decision. There are many factors to consider. Is there an academic program at a particular school that just makes sense for you? Do you love a school for its unique campus culture and have a strong sense that this is “THE” place to spend the next four years? What about finances and what it would mean to pay sticker price at a particularly competitive school when there are other, cheaper, excellent options where scholarships have been awarded or even a state school where not only is the price right but academic goals could be well accomplished. Some of you would be wise to consider the fact that your higher education might continue beyond the undergraduate realm adding additional, costly years of education.


How do I decide?


 You must commit to a college by May 1st—here before you know it.  So, breathe, think and try to relax. Talk to your parents, talk to your friends, teachers and trusted mentors but most important in this final stage of the college process is to listen to yourself and know that by doing this you can feel confident in your ability to make the best college decision.







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