About Us

We help students through the college admission process with clarity and purpose.

Who We Are

We are a college admissions consulting company working to help students and their families make the best decisions throughout the college application process. We are committed to helping students find their best college matches.

Our System

Using our systemized approach, students work one-on-one with advisors and essay coaches. We create a strategic plan for each student in order to provide him or her with the right college options. It is our goal to help students represent the very best of themselves to potential colleges.

Student Development

I have seen that once students begin this process, they gain self-confidence and an overall feeling of accomplishment. Students acquire a greater understanding of themselves, both academically and personally. And along the way, they gain a better appreciation for the serious academic journey on which they are about to embark.

Our History

CollegeStrategy, formerly TheCollegeCoach, started in 2005 and we’re approaching almost two decades of graduating seniors. I began the company after working for 25 years in the film business throughout the US and abroad. I acquired a tenacious focus and some serious multi-tasking capabilities along the way— attributes that have served me well working with high school seniors. Students receive expert essay coaching from a talented writer whom I believe brings out the absolute best in our students.

We not only work with local Austin students, but also with students from other areas of the country and even abroad via computer and video chat. Please let us know if we can answer any questions. We look forward to working with you!